New beauty blog

Hello, and welcome to this my new blog about beauty. I will be sharing some of my thoughts about the products I use, fill you in with the latest discoveries.. and who knows what else. I thank you for stopping by, and hope that you will join me on this journey.


I have always been interested about beauty, well makeup to be specific. I started putting makeup on when I was around 12, I think. Mind you, my eyes looked more like ones of a raccoon. I looked hideous, and was wondering how “adults” get it right. I went to school looking like that once, I felt I am tough on the inside but I looked ridiculous. After that, I practiced and practiced and practiced in the privacy of my own room, carefully locked it in case my parents decided to see what I was up to. I took it off immediately after, or just hid in my room until I did.┬áMy hair hasn’t seen its original color for ten years, well only once as a dare. I have the loveliest Finnish genes, that my hair doesn’t really have a color.


As a teenager, I used to have a big collection of makeup and nailpolish. My mom even got me a travel set of Clinique makeup remover, at that time I didn’t really care for it.. I would take that moment back in a jiffy! When I moved out from home, I didn’t have as big collection anymore. My skin started acting up and as a student, didn’t really have a lot of money. I’ve only been holding on for some drugstore basics. Until recently, when I found Youtube beauty community, and started realizing how much I’ve been missing out! I am currently upgrading my products from drugstore to high end. I welcome you to join me to this journey, and hope you’ll stay with me even through the bumpy ride.